Yunxiang Li

PhD Student

Department of Radiation Oncology
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


Biography [CV]

I am a PhD student at UT Southwest Medical Center, working on medical image analysis. In the past, I did research on infant brain MRI processing, medical image classification, medical image segmentation, Transformer in vision, unsupervised domain adaptation and semi-supervised segmentation, etc. During my undergraduate research, I published/completed 6 papers as the first/co-first author.

I serve as a reviewer for multiple SCI journals and conferences, including IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI), Pattern Recognition (PR), IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (JBHI), Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing (MBEC), International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI), and International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), etc.

I have been fortunately working with many amazing mentors and colleagues along the journey. They have been motivating me to keep up and tackle new challenges. It would have been impossible for me to achieve anything without them. Here are some of them.

Professor Qun Jin, Waseda University, Foreign Member of the Engineering Academy of Japan (EAJ).

Professor Huiyu Zhou, University of Leicester, Associate Editor/Area Chair of more than 10 SCI journals/Top conferences.

Professor Qianni Zhang, Queen Mary University of London.

Professor Li Wang, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Professor Shuai Wang and Dr. Yaqi Wang.



Selected Publications | Google Scholar


GRAPE: A multi-modal dataset of longitudinal follow-up visual field and fundus images for glaucoma management

Xiaoling Huang, Xiangyin Kong, Ziyan Shen, Jing Ouyang, Yunxiang Li, Kai Jin, Juan Ye

Scientific Data, 2023. [paper] [code]

ChatDoctor: A Medical Chat Model Fine-Tuned on a Large Language Model Meta-AI (LLaMA) Using Medical Domain Knowledge

Yunxiang Li, Zihan Li, Kai Zhang, Ruilong Dan, Steve Jiang, You Zhang

Cureus, 2023. [paper] [code]

Children’s dental panoramic radiographs dataset for caries segmentation and dental disease detection

Yifan Zhang, Fan Ye, Lingxiao Chen, Feng Xu, Xiaodiao Chen, Hongkun Wu, Mingguo Cao, Yunxiang Li, Yaqi Wang, Xingru Huang

Scientific Data, 2023. [paper] [code]

SAMScore: A Semantic Structural Similarity Metric for Image Translation Evaluation

Yunxiang Li, Meixu Chen, Wenxuan Yang, Kai Wang, Jun Ma, Alan C Bovik, You Zhang

Under review, 2023. [paper] [code]

Zero-shot Medical Image Translation via Frequency-Guided Diffusion Models

Yunxiang Li, Hua-Chieh Shao, Xiao Liang, Liyuan Chen, Ruiqi Li, Steve Jiang, Jing Wang, You Zhang

IEEE TMI, 2023. [paper] [code]

Learning from Noisy Labels Generated by Extremely Point Annotations for OCT Fluid Segmentation

Tengjin Weng, Yang Shen, Kai Jin, Zhiming Cheng, Yunxiang Li, Gewen Zhang, Shuai Wang

Under review, 2023. [paper] [code]

LViT: Language meets Vision Transformer in Medical Image Segmentation

Zihan Li, Yunxiang Li, Qingde Li, You Zhang, Puyang Wang, Dazhou Guo, Le Lu, Dakai Jin, Qingqi Hong

IEEE TMI, 2022. [paper] [code]

Real-time liver tumor localization via combined surface imaging and a single x-ray projection

Hua-Chieh Shao, Yunxiang Li, Jing Wang, Steve B Jiang, You Zhang

Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2023. [paper] [code]


CDNet: Contrastive Disentangled Network for Fine-Grained Image Categorization of Ocular B-Scan Ultrasound

Ruilong Dan*, Yunxiang Li*, Yijie Wang, Gangyong Jia, Ruiquan Ge, Juan Ye, Qun Jin, Yaqi Wang

IEEE JBHI, 2022. [paper] [code]

FIVES: A Fundus Image Dataset for Artificial Intelligence based Vessel Segmentation

Kai Jin, Xingru Huang, Jingxing Zhou, Yunxiang Li, Yan Yan, Yibao Sun, Qianni Zhang, Yaqi Wang, Juan Ye#

Scientific Data (IF=8.5), 2022. [paper] [code]

Source-free Domain Adaptation for Skull Stripping

Yunxiang Li, Ruilong Dan, Shuai Wang, Xiangde Luo, Yifan Cao, Chenghao Tan, Huiyu Zhou, Yaqi Wang#, Li Wang#

MICCAI MLMI, 2022. [paper] [code]

Overview of global publications on machine learning in diabetic retinopathy from 2011 to 2021: Bibliometric analysis

An Shao*, Kai Jin*, Yunxiang Li, Lixia Lou, Wuyuan Zhou, Juan Ye#

Frontiers in Endocrinolong, 2022. [paper] [code]

A Self-Supervised Learning based Framework for Eyelid Malignant Melanoma Diagnosis in Whole Slide Images

Zijing Jiang, Jun Wang, Yibao Sun, Yunxiang Li, Dechao Chen, Yaqi Wang#

IEEE-ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 2022. [paper] [code]


AGMB-Transformer: Anatomy-Guided Multi-Branch Transformer Network for Automated Evaluation of Root Canal Therapy.

Yunxiang Li*, Guodong Zeng*, Yifan Zhang, Jun Wang, Qun Jin, Lingling Sun, Qianni Zhang, Qisi Lian, Guiping Qian, Neng Xia, Ruizi Peng, Kai Tang, Shuai Wang#, Yaqi Wang#

IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (IF = 7.021), 2021. [paper] [code]

A Cascade-SEME network for COVID-19 detection in chest c-ray images

Dailin Lv, Yaqi Wang#, Shuai Wang, Qianni Zhang, Wuteng Qi, Yunxiang Li, Lingling Sun#

Medical Physics (IF = 4.071), 2021. [paper] [code]

Dispensed Transformer for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation.”

Yunxiang Li, Jingxiong Li, Ruilong Dan, Shuai Wang, Kai Jin, Guodong Zeng, Jun Wang, Xiangji Pan, Qianni Zhang, Huiyu Zhou, Qun Jin, Li Wang, Yaqi Wang

Under Review, 2021. [paper] [code]

GT U-Net: A U-Net Like Group Transformer Network for Tooth Root Segmentation

Yunxiang Li, Shuai Wang, Jun Wang, Guodong Zeng, Wenjun Liu, Qianni Zhang, Qun Jin, Yaqi Wang#

Oral, MICCAI, Machine Learning in Medical Imaging, 2021. [paper] [code]

Globally and Locally Feature Aggregating Fundus Image Quality Assessment via Spatial Information Retained Multiscale Network

Kai Jin, Zhiyuan Gao, Yaqi Wang, Yunxiang Li, Xiaoyu Ma, Juan Ye#

Under Review, 2021. [paper] [code]

Lumen and EEM segmentation in IVUS images using attention R2U-net with boundary sensitive representation

Xingru Huang, Yue Gu, Yunxiang Li, Jiongxiong Li, Kai jin, Yaqi Wang, Yibao Sun, Qianni Zhang#

In Progress. [paper] [code]

Professional Activities

  • Membership:
    IEEE Student Member
    MICCAI Member

  • Review Service:
    IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI)
    Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI), 2022
    International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2021
    Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing (MBEC)
    IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (JBHI)
    Pattern Recognition (PR)

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